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my name is regi! welcome to my site :D
this site is mostly to house my collections, especially my beanie baby collection lol. i have around 30 now which is concerning but they make me very happy which is what matters lol. u can check my about page to learn more about me :D

available pages so far are:
beanie babies, plushies, carebears, v pets and robo pets
ya my site is still very much a wip lol. but im gettin there :D

my guestbook :DD

my site buttons :)

update log
12/06/22 - new blog post, a guide to beanie babies and ty plush
11/06/22 - starting production on regi 2.0! idk when ill finish soon hopefully lolll. carebears page up, also update to beanie col
06/06/22 - IM FREE OF CORONA BITCH! ive been free since last week acc but anyway. my love for neocities is in full throttle so HOEPFULLY i will finish my collection pages soon. spoilers i got a fucking vinateg bedtime bear this week. anyway everyone wish me luck in my a levels pls they finish this week
28/05/22 - right ive acc had enough of covid its proper pissing me off now. plush collection page up
22/05/22 - regis covid era
07/05/22 - new beanie gained! also FIANLLY uploaded some of the resource page and my beanie gif archive
03/05/22 - new blog update! also got some new beanies so u can go check that page out if u want
10/04/22 - new additions 2 the beanie collection :D!!! obtained some of my dream beanies TT hope 2 work on the candle page this week! stay tuned lads
05/04/22 - updated my blog entry so the image files r a lil smaller, also updated the beanie collection :)
03/04/22 - changing the sidebar up! also added my 1st blog entry :D

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